When Is the Best Time for Seal Snorkeling in Cape Town

Seal Snorkeling in Cape Town is the ultimate wildlife experience. If you love the ocean and seals, this is one of the best things to do in Cape Town.

Cape Fur seals can’t be found anywhere else in the world but on the islands around the South African coast. Duiker Island in Hout Bay is famous for its natural habitat of more than 10 000 Cape Fur seals. This area, called Karbonkelberg is part of Table Mountain National Park and is a Marine Protected Area. Because these seals aren’t trained or fed by humans, they behave and interact naturally with visitors.

Snorkeling with seals brings you up close with these inquisitive and playful wild animals in their natural habitat.

Best Time to Snorkel with the Seals

The summer in Cape Town is considered the best time – from September to May but the warmest and most consistent conditions typically occur from December to February. Expeditions run year round but are dependent on the weather.

At the end of March, seal pups start to swim making it the perfect time for interactions.

Where to See Seals in Cape Town

Cape Town Seal Snorkeling occurs at Duiker Island, on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula, near Hout Bay. Don’t worry, you won’t come face to face with a great white shark since they don’t enjoy the cold waters – 8°C to 15°C or the shallow kelp forests.

Book Your Snorkelling Session with Cape Town Seal Adventures

Cape Town Seal Adventures takes great pride in being one of the best seal snorkelling companies in Cape Town. For only R850 per person, you can experience these friendly creatures in all their glory. We offer morning and afternoon trips every day of the week and if you want to document your experience you can even rent a GoPro for next to nothing.

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