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Seal Snorkeling in Cape Town Is a Thing and You Should Do It!

Any trip to Cape Town wouldn’t be complete without snorkeling with our world-famous Cape Fur Seals. They are also known as the African Fur Seal or Brown Fur Seal and can weigh anything from 100 kg to 300 kg.

What’s so great about snorkeling with seals you might ask? For one, they are considered the oceans’ friendliest creatures. There’s a reason why they are known as the puppies of the sea. They are graceful and inquisitive in the water and don’t mind being around humans. And two, there are more than 15 000 seals in and around Hout Bay, Cape Town, so you are guaranteed to see them on your tour.

Why Snorkelling?

While it’s great to view seals while on one of the many boat tours available in Cape Town, it’s even better to get up close and personal with them. And since you don’t need all the training and complex equipment needed for scuba diving, preparing for your excursion is quick and easy.

Where Can I Book My Seal Snorkeling Tour?

When you book your trip with Cape Town Seal Adventures, all your gear will be provided as well as a short briefing before you enter the water. To make sure you are safe at all times while enjoying your time in the ocean, you’ll have a safety guide to assist you. You can even rent a GoPro to capture the experience.

There isn’t a good or a bad time of day to do a seal snorkeling trip to Duiker Island and we offer morning and afternoon tours at the affordable price of R850 per person.

Don’t lose out on a once in a lifetime experience! Book your spot to snorkel with seals. Spend some time with these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat on Duiker Island and just enjoy what the surrounding area, Houtbay, has to offer.

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