Snorkel with Seals

3 Reasons to Add Seal Snorkeling to Your Adventure Bucket List

If you think sharks, whales and dolphins are the only amazing ocean creatures, you couldn’t be more wrong. Seals are right up there with the others, in fact, they are known to be extremely gentle and playful.

Snorkeling with seals in Cape Town is one of the most incredible encounters you can ever experience which is why should never pass up if the opportunity presents itself. But before you book your unique seal encounter with Cape Town Seal Adventures, here are more reasons to add it to your bucket list.

Seals Are Awesome

Seals are thought to be the puppies of the ocean. They love human interaction and aren’t aggressive or harmful at all. They only eat fish so you have nothing to worry about!

You Can Count on Seeing Seals in Cape Town

There are over 15 000 seals in and around Cape Town, specifically Duiker Island which means that no seal snorkeling trip will be in vain. You’ll definitely get to see and experience these incredible creatures.

Seal Snorkeling Is Affordable

At only R850 per person, this excursion will be the best few hours you can spend any day of the year. When you book with Cape Town Seal Adventures, you can expect the following:

  • Quick training session
  • All Gear Included – Wetsuit, snorkel, mask, gloves and booties
  • Ridiculously beautiful scenery along the Cape Town coastline
  • Face to face encounter with Cape Fur Seals
  • Cookies and hot drinks served after snorkel session on the way back

To document your experience, you have the option to rent a Go Pro at an additional cost of R300. You wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing your memories now, would you?

No matter how long your bucket list, seal snorkeling should be on it! Speak to the team at Cape Town Seal Adventures for more information or to book your seal snorkeling adventure today!

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